black highboy table cover drapd over cocktail table
industrial cocktail tablecloth in white
Tablecloth fabric in black
Tablecloth fabric in white

Highboy/Cocktail Tablecloths (Spun Polyester)


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The Northern Classique™ COCKTAIL TABLECLOTHS feature our durable Spun Polyester fabric, and are carefully designed to embody with texture of cotton fabric, while upholding the resilience characteristic of polyester materials.

Crafted with endurance in mind, these tablecloths are well-suited for a wide range of commercial and hospitality uses. Beyond their durability, they boast a captivating visual allure, making them the perfect choice for any venue seeking both style and practicality.

  • 100% MJS Spun Polyester
  • Features a Soft Finish to mimic the luxurious feel of Cotton Table Linen
  • Features Hemmed Edges
  • Designed to withstand commercial washing procedures
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry
    Suggested Uses:
    • Weddings & Special Events
    • Hotels & Banquet Facilities
    • Bars & Restaurants
    • Casinos
    • Event Rental Companies
    • Commercial Laundries 
    • Printing, Sublimation, and Promotional Companies
      & many more

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