Digitizing Services

We offer full-service embroidery digitizing services for our clients. Whatever the logo, design, or concept, our staff is willing to make it work and create a digitized file ready for your embroidery machine

Email your concept to our design staff at sales@cantexdistribution.com. When you provide us with your specifications, our staff will work vigorously to create your design in a digitized format.

    Pricing for embroidery digitizing will vary on complexity of the project, how much time is required, and overall stitches are required to achieve your design. You can submit your design, and our design staff will be able to provide you with a no-obligation FREE quote.

    STEP 1: Send us your logo, design, or detailed instructions
    STEP 2: Our staff will review the design and your instructions, and quote you a price
    STEP 3: We will always provide you with a mockup of what the file looks like before delivery. At this time, you can view and make modifications to the design.
    STEP 4: Delivery Method: Email
    STEP 5: File Type: .DST File (readable by modern-day embroidery machines) *If you require other file types, please contact us beforehand and our design staff will work towards your requirements.*
    STEP 6: We offer some revisions. Please note revisions are only valid until final file delivery. Modifications after final file delivery will be quoted.

    • A High Resolution Vector, JPEG, or PDF file of your Design/Logo
    • Embroidery Height
    • Embroidery Width
    • Detailed Instructions
    • 50% Deposit upon start of digitizing
    • 50% Payment Before Final File Delivery
    • Approval of our mockup sample (before final file delivery)

    Our design staff may suggest slight changes to your design to enhance the final embroidered design. You will always be notified of any modifications that were made to any initial design.

    Before embroidering any garments, we always suggest that you test the embroidery file on a sample material before running full production. Doing so will ensure that you are familiar with the design

    *Please note: Cantex Distribution Inc. is not responsible for any damaged or wrongly embroidered garments. It is the customer's responsibility to test and confirm that the digitized file is to their specifications before embroidering any garments.*