Navy blue mesh laundry wash bag with bath towels inside. Features a drawstring and plastic lock.
White mesh material of laundry bag
orange mesh material of laundry bag

Laundry Mesh Bags


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The Northern Classique™ MESH LAUNDRY WASH BAG makes doing laundry a breeze. It holds a giant load of laundry. This laundry bag is heavy-duty to withstand commercial washes and protect delicate garments from extra strain. 

The breathable Mesh design, allows water and soap to freely pass through, thereby cleaning your garments without causing any unnatural stretching or strain on delicate garments. During storage, the breathable Mesh material, allows airflow to reach garments, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and odor. 

The MESH LAUNDRY WASH BAG allows users to easily sort laundry, making it easier to prevent sorting errors. 

  • 100% Breathable Polyester Mesh
  • Designed to fit most standard laundry hampers and frames
  • Features a Drawstring Cord and Plastic B-Lock
  • Suitable for automatic, semi-automatic, and dehydrated washing machines
  • Prevents garment rolling and distortion during wash cycles
  • Heavy Duty - Commercial Grade
  • Machine Washable
  • Tumble Dry
Suggested Uses:
  • Storing Laundry, Bedding & More
  • Laundry Hamper Liner
  • Laundry Wash Bag
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Travel Laundry Bag
  • Beach, Waterpark & Pool Bags
  • Household Use
    & many more. The uses are endless! 

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