Why are most Chef Coats white?

At Cantex Distribution, we get asked this question regularly. After all, it makes sense to wear something that will hide dirt and stains to avoid the need for washing the chef coat so frequently. The reason why most chef coats are white is because many Health Departments perform regular inspections of properties who are licensed to provide and serve food. When these officials perform their inspection, they like to see how clean/dirty the facilities (and employees) are. When they witness the employees preparing food, they want to see how clean or dirty their uniforms are. When a chef coat is white, all the stains and dirt are visible, and therefore it is evident when a facility is regularly making sure their uniforms are kept clean.

It also depends on what type of food is being prepared, and what type of look the management is going for. For example, some of our pizzeria clients beg us for white chef coats and aprons. Why? Because they work with flour and dough all day. Getting those ingredients on a black uniform is very obvious, whereas white kitchen uniforms are far more forgiving of that environment. Similarly, black chef coats and aprons will hide a multitude of stains and spills of other ingredients. 

Sometimes, kitchen supervisors like to wear chef coats that will help them stand out from their staff. For this purpose, there are executive chef coats and solid black chef coats that will help others to differentiate kitchen managers from cooks and other staff members. Doing this helps newly hired staff and any visitors to easily identify the seniors in the kitchen. 

Cantex Distribution carries a wide variety of chef coats for all preferences. No matter when the need or style, we can arrange it! Click here to see all the different styles we provide.