Unlock Hotel Luxury: An Expert's Guide




Everyone dreams of living a life of luxury, surrounded by elegance and comfort. The thought of waking up in a plush bed, stepping onto a soft carpet, and enjoying a cup of coffee in a beautifully designed bedroom is a dream that many of us share. While not everyone can afford to stay in a 5-star hotel, there are ways to bring that luxurious hotel experience into your own home. In this article, we will explore how you can create a space that exudes luxurious home comfort, allowing you to indulge in the pleasures of luxury living every day. 

As a hotel supplier, we are privy to some nifty tricks on how hotels construct beds to make them appealing to guests. A few simple choices can turn an ordinary bedroom into the ultimate comfort zone.

Stay White. 
I know it’s easy to fall into the color scheme trap when you walk into big box retail stores. There is so much variety to choose from, and bedding colors and patterns can make a huge impact on the general theme of any bedroom. No one can argue that the temptation is there. Resist the initial temptation! Studies show there are actually many health benefits of sleeping on pure white sheets. White sheets are calming and aid to achieving better night’s sleep. White is a symbol of luxury and you’ll feel more luxurious sleeping in a white bed. Choosing white bed linen is a surefire way to make your bedroom feel more like a weekend getaway.

The Perfect Duvet.
Get yourself a good duvet and duvet cover. As a hotel supplier, I can assure you that most (if not all) large chain hotels have switched to using duvets with duvet covers.

  1. Duvet: There are so many options of duvets available. A lot of our hotel clients purchase our microfiber gel duvet because it is hypoallergenic as opposed to down-filled duvets. It adds a touch of luxury to the room without a huge investment.
  2. Duvet Cover: The purpose of a duvet cover is to protect the duvet from everyday wear and tear. When shopping for a duvet cover, the options are overwhelming. There are so many different colors, patterns, materials, etc. When it comes to choosing a color, choosing a tone-on-tone stripe cover can add a hint of design while maintaining a clean and crisp finish. No matter how good looking those trendy style options seem, nothing compares to crisp white bedding!
Extra Comfort.
Mattresses are expensive. When a mattress is getting old, the comfort level decreases significantly. To combat the lost comfort, try using a good fiber bed mattress topper which will provide added cushion and support. Although this is a temporary solution and old mattresses will eventually need to be replaced, it will make a huge difference in your overall quality of sleep and extend the life of your current mattress.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows.

Pillows make a world of difference. The general rule for most hotels is to have about 3 pillows/bed. You might only sleep on 1 pillow, but having a selection allows you to configure your pillows for maximum comfort. This will eliminate all those nights you spend tossing and turning when you just can’t find the right position to rest in.

Determine what kind of pillow you prefer. Do you prefer a soft pillow? Or is a firm pillow important for you to get a good sleep? Are you allergic and/or sensitive to down feathers? All these factors will play a role in determining the perfect pillow, however the most important factor is what position you prefer to sleep in.

  • Side Sleepers will find most comfort using medium firm pillows that provide support for the neck and encourages proper spinal alignment.
  • Stomach-Sleepers: This position can be potentially dangerous to your health if you don’t position your body and pillows for proper posture and spinal alignment. The best pillows for this position is a very soft/flat pillow or no pillow at all. To maximize comfort, stomach sleepers can benefit from a soft pillow placed under the pelvis which will help take pressure off the spine.
  • Back-Sleepers tend to prefer either medium firm pillows or soft/flat pillows.
  • Mixed-Position Sleepers will benefit from having a variety of different pillows at their disposal. They sleep in all different positions and will most comfort using different levels of firmness and softness during the night. A good mix would be to have a few soft/flat pillows as well as at least one medium firm pillow.

Consult a Hotel Bedding Expert.
If worse comes to worst, try talking to a hotel distributor. Cantex Distribution is a hotel distributor that has years of experience. At Cantex, our team spends their days and nights catering to the needs of hotels and hotel bed enthusiasts. Whatever your need, you can be sure we will find the perfect solution.


Creating a space that exudes luxurious home comfort is not as difficult as it may seem. By investing in high-quality materials, incorporating elegant design elements, and paying attention to the details, you can transform your home into a haven of luxury living. So go ahead, indulge in the pleasures of luxury living and experience 5-star hotel comfort in your own home. With a little effort and investment, you can create a bedroom that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and inviting.