How to Hack Your Laundry Like a Pro!

Two things are certain in life: death and laundry. Laundry is inevitable. Laundry is hard. And if you live with a spouse, kids, parents, pets, etc., then you’ll know that laundry can seem like a never-ending battle we are always losing. We will take all the help we can get! See below how a mesh laundry bag can help make your laundry easier today!

Solve "The Lost Sock" Problem: What happens to all those socks that go missing in the laundry process? A trick to keep them all together is to wash all the socks together in a mesh laundry bag. That way, you won’t ever lose them and will always have full pairs of socks!

Keep Baby Clothing at Bay: If you’ve ever been around a newborn, you know they go through a lot of clothing very quickly. And like socks, baby clothing also has a way of getting lost. It also doesn’t make sense to wash baby clothes in a full load by themselves. Use a mesh laundry bag to keep everything together and wash it with everyone else’s clothing. 

Protect Your Delicates: Sometimes the nicest looking clothing requires the most care and attention. The best way to protect delicate garments is to use a mesh laundry bag to separate them and ensure that they aren’t entangled with more resilient laundered pieces. They will still get clean, but they won’t be harshly treated in the wash.

Reduce Laundry Loads: If you live with multiple people, washing everyone’s laundry separately seems like the easiest way to keep everyone’s clothes separate. However, this practice can easily amount to a very high hydro bill. Especially considering most people further separate their laundry and wash white clothing and dark clothing separately. That’s a lot of laundry loads.

A simple trick to reduce the number of laundry loads is to use a mesh laundry bags to put everyone’s clothing in separate bags. That way, you can wash everyone’s clothing together and still have it separated so no one’s clothing is getting mixed up. 

Fight the Dryer: Have you ever put an item in the dryer even though the garment instructions specifically stated "DO NOT MACHINE DRY”? I have! We’ve all been there. A simple trick to solve this problem is to put all the clothes that need to be hung to dry in a mesh laundry bag before you wash all your clothes together in the washing machine.

That way, when the load is washed, you can easily remove the mesh bag and all items inside the mesh laundry bag will be hung to dry. You won’t need to sort through a pile of wet clothes and separate items. All the sorting is pre-done. And nothing will slip through and get put into the dryer by accident. No more ruined clothes! Yay!

We have industrial strength mesh laundry bags that is a perfect option for making your laundry life a lot easier! It is equipped with a strong drawcord and locks to make sure your garments are safe and separated!