5 Steps to Choosing Perfect Table Linen

Table Linen
The process of selecting your table linens can be daunting. There are so many varieties of material, style, colour, size, etc. Here are a few basic guidelines to help ease your table linen concerns:
Step 1: Identify Your Table Size
Knowing the size of your table is a crucial part of choosing the correct tablecloth. It will help determine what style you select for each table setting. Simply measure the length and width of the tabletop. 
You will want to measure the following:
  1. Length of the tabletop
  2. Width of the tabletop 
  3. Height from tabletop to the floor

 Step 2: Determine the Desired Tablecloth Drop

Would you like your tablecloth to drape down to the floor? Would you like it to drape 12"? What about 15"? Deciding how long you'd like your tablecloth to hang will determine the size required.  

*TIP* If you plan on having people seated at the table, a recommended drop is 12-15" for maximum comfort. 


Step 3: Select the Right Size Tablecloth:
Once you have measured the table and determined the desired tablecloth drop, it is time to determine the tablecloth size required. It is actually quite a simple calculation to determine this. 

  • Side 1: Length of tabletop + (desired drop x 2)
  • Side 2: Width of tabletop + (desired drop x 2)


Step 4: Decide the Colour of your Tablecloth

Your tablecloth colour can easily be determined by the type of occasion or event you are going to be hosting. The colour of your linen determines the mood you wish to create, the theme of a room and it can add drama to a lifeless table setting.

*TIP* If the goal for your selected table linen is long-term, choose neutral colours such as white, black, ivory, beige, taupe or dark brown to ensure the use of these linens for various events over an extended period of time. You can easily inject colour by switching out table accessories like napkins, napkin rings, candles, and other various decor items. 

Step 5: Determine the Quantity of Table Linens Required:

Our recommendations for events held in banquet halls:

  • For hotels and banquet halls, purchase an extra 2 dozen napkins per 100 napkins.
  • For every 10 tablecloths you need, you should order an additional 2pcs. For example, if you have 30 tables, you should order a minimum of 36 tablecloths.

 Our recommendations for events held at home:

  • Ensure you have at least double the amount of napkins for your place setting so that you have enough to clean up spills, and enough for guest use
  • If you have 4-6 chairs, order a minimum of 12 napkins
  • Tablecloth quantity should be based on the design or theme of your home

 At Cantex Distribution, we have a wide variety of table cloths that will fit your needs as a host or hostess.

Happy Entertaining! :)